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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we try to answer the most frequently asked questions that we receive every day to give you a more informed look into how our service works for you. If you still have additional questions please feel free to contact us or sign up for leads.


All of our leads are delivered in “Real Time.” When the potential borrower clicks submit the lead is automatically sent to our sorting database to match your filter criteria. Once you as a suitable broker has been found for the lead it is immediately sent to your email inbox.


All of our leads are truly exclusive, GUARANTEED. Some other companies selling leads will sell you an exclusive lead, wait a month or two and than sell it again as an “aged” lead. We never use this tactic. Once you receive a lead from us that is now your customer for life. The only caveat to this is if down the line the same applicant applies on one of our sites, it may than be redistributed. However, we never remarket to any of the leads so examples of this nature would be extremely rare, and we have yet to actually have this as a problem.


Our database will only distribute leads to you based upon the filters you choose when you place your order. This makes it impossible for any kind of filter mistakes. You set the filters and let the database take care of the rest.


You may return leads based upon the following criteria:

• Wrong phone numbers (lead is considered valid with one working number)
• Mobile or co-op homes
• Obvious "fake" leads - IE Mikey duck living at Disknee land.
• Loan Amounts under $20,000.00 (Refinance or purchase only)
• Does not meet your specified lead filter criteria (IE area codes)

We consider ourselves very liberal with our return policy. As long as it is not frivolous we will probably return it for you. However, all lead returns must be made within 72 hours. Leads not meeting your specific lead criteria must be returned within 24 hours and must have an exact reason as to why it does not meet your criteria.


Closure rates very greatly dependent upon how you handle the leads. We offer a great tutorial here,how to get the most from internet leads. Typically a 14 - 47% closure rate can be the norm. However, if you do not follow the above guidelines and are not aggressive in contacting these leads than you could realize a 0 - 17% closure rate. We know how our leads produce over the long run because our leads come to us they are actively pursuing mortgage financing and as such we carry a higher closure ratio than other lead companies.


Please visit our lead pricing page for more info on our filters.


Our Exclusive Mortgage
Leads Guarantee

We guarantee each one of our internet mortgage leads to be completely exclusive and delivered in real time.

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